Canada is adding 13 more countries to the eTA

Canada is adding 13 more countries to  the eTA

Great News! Canada is adding 13 more countries to the eTAs so they don't need a visa anymore, also the will not pay for visa anymore.

Antigua and Barbuda
Costa Rica's
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago

The eTA is a digital travel document that most visa-exempt passengers require in order to fly to or via Canada.

Canadian officials utilise the eTA programme to conduct light-touch pre-travel screening of air travellers. It costs CAN$7 to apply, and most applications are accepted immediately within minutes.

Travelers simply need a valid passport, a credit card, an email account, and Internet connection to apply for an eTA.

Since the eTA program's inception on August 1, 2015, almost 20.9 million eTAs have been issued.

In April 2017, IRCC expanded its eTA programme to cover qualified Brazilians, Bulgarians, and Romanians. Later that year, Canada removed the visa requirement for all Bulgarian and Romanian nationals. Today, qualified Brazilian nationals can fly to Canada without a visa.

Canada anticipates 200,000 (or 20%) additional tourists from these 13 nations in the coming year. Increased travel from these nations is estimated to generate over $160 million in new tourist earnings within a decade.