Canada VISA info

Canada VISA info

For the majority of visitors, a passport or an ETA are required to enter Canada

It is difficult to immigrate to Canada. In order to effectively apply for and receive approval for

Canadian immigration, there are numerous steps that must be taken. Additionally, it may take

several months or even several years to complete the procedure.

Foreign citizens without a visa must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before flying

into Canada. Citizens of the United States and travelers with legitimate visas are exceptions, and

they only need their passports. You can apply for an eTA ($7 CAD) on your PC or smartphone. The

majority of applications are granted in a matter of minutes, but we advise applying a few weeks

before your planned trip in case you need to submit more documentation (as it can be the case

with some applicants). Before getting on a plane to Canada, travelers must have an eTA.

We advise all delegates who need a visa to apply as quickly as possible because many applicants

now need to provide biometric data, and wait times for visa interviews can be several months


Keep in mind that a passport application for Canada must include biometric information. At a visa

application center, the fingerprint information must be provided in person. Please be aware that

since this biometric is required as part of the visa application, it cannot be collected at an airport

abroad or upon arrival. Rather, it must be scheduled in preparation.

Welcome letter for visa applications
Only after verification of NECTAR membership has been submitted to the planning committee will
an official Letter of Invitation be issued to acquire a Visa to Canada and permission to attend the
NECTAR 2022 Conference.
Even if you have a letter of invitation, getting a passport is not guaranteed. The attendee is solely
responsible for getting in touch with the embassy or consulate to acquire the documentation
required for entry into Canada.
Request for a Visitor Passport (Temporary Resident Visa - TRV)
For individuals impacted by Russia's assault of Ukraine
If you are a Ukrainian or a member of a Ukrainian family, you may file for the Canada-Ukraine
authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) to temporarily immigrate to Canada.
Get more information about the CUAET.
You must submit your fingerprints.
Nowadays, after applying, you almost always need to provide your biometric data—fingerprints
and a picture.
Learn about the biometric requirements and the revised application procedure.
Before applying, confirm that you require a passport.
If you've been to Canada before, the entry requirements might have altered. Determine which
entry paper you require.
You can file for a visitor visa, a transit visa, or a super visa:
Apply online(you need a scanner or digital camera to make digital copies of your documents,
valid credit card to pay online) or apply on paper